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Rebekah Henderson

Direct Contact
Tan Tigress Productions
Rebekah Henderson
Denver, CO

Rebekah E. Henderson, a Denver-based local and national writer, podcaster, and independent documentary film producer. Her first feature length documentary “Running With My Girls” premiered to rave reviews at Denver's 44th annual Film Festival. The film premiered nationally on season 11 of America Reframed on the World Channel and is currently available via the PBS App. Kanopy(having fun isn't hard when you have a library card!) and Women Make Movies an educational distributor. The film focuses on women of color in local politics as they share their very personal and inspiring journey as they all navigate through an extremely difficult money and male dominated landscape. She has also directed and produced two short documentaries, What Makes a Mother and All Mixed Up: Our Changing Racial Identities. Rebekah hosted the podcast Off Color in its various mediums. Rebekah is an honest, and outspoken advocate for race equality, identity, politics and social justice.

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