Works in Progress Program

The AWD Works in Progress Programs are peer-to-peer opportunities to review new works by members currently in post or headed for the festival circuit. In Los Angeles our program is graciously sponsored by CANON.

Program emphasis is on:

  • Providing constructive feedback that enriches the works
  • Sharing resources
  • Building the AWD community

WIP Los Angeles is currently held monthly. Each event begins with invaluable Tech Talks. Two to three members’ short films that are currently being picture locked, or were recently completed, are then screened. Directors have the opportunity to share their journey from production to completion in an intimate session with AWD members only.

What AWD directors are saying about the program:

“AWD WIP program is the most powerful, inspiring, and productive program I’ve been part of. AWD WIP brings us together on a monthly basis to discuss projects, their strengths, and their possibilities; share insights, knowledge, and ideas; learn from each other and our work; and to support and celebrate the growth and empowerment of women directors.” — Marina Viscun

“Canon has been so generous in their support of the WIP program. Jesica Sill and Michael Bravin have gone above and beyond to welcome our directors and ensure a wonderful focused event each time. The facilities are world class and it’s been a privilege to have the chance to work there.” — Leah Patterson

“The Works in Progress Program was a great motivator for me. It gave me a firm deadline by which to finish a first pass of my edit, sound, and color, and then I received the feedback I needed to take the film from great to excellent. The high marks my film received, also gave me the confidence to apply to top tier festivals, many of which the film is being accepted to. And finally, it gave me a chance to bond with the many women who got a chance to see my work, and with whom I’ve been able to form relationships since then.” — Monique Sorgen

How to participate in Los Angeles:

Members in good standing can attend the evenings by logging into their account and RSVPing through the calendar.

AWD members can request to screen their work using this form. Priority will be given to those who have attended previous evenings.

If you are an Industry expert and would like to be a featured guest, please contact Kim Furst. 

How to participate in Atlanta:

AWD members can request to screen their work using this form. For questions about the Atlanta WIP program, please contact Edina Kishonthy.