Works in Progress Program

The Works-in-Progress Program is sponsored by CANON and FOTOKEM and is a peer-to-peer opportunity to review new works by members currently in post or headed for the festival circuit.

Program emphasis is on:

  • Providing constructive feedback that enriches the works
  • Sharing resources
  • Building the AWD community

The evenings are held twice a month, at Canon Burbank and Fotokem, and include invaluable Tech Talks. Two to three members’ short films that are currently being picture locked, or were recently completed, are then screened. Directors have the opportunity to share their journey from production to completion in an intimate session with AWD members only.

*Members in good standing can attend the evenings by logging into their account and RSVPing through the calendar. They can request to screen their work using this form. Priority will be given to those who have attended previous evenings.