Black Directors Advancement Initiative

BDAI is designed to facilitate relationships between industry professionals and Black AWD directors for the purpose of career development. This mentoring program is implemented through the framework of a one-to-one relationship: The Industry Mentor and The Director.

The mission of BDAI is to:
·      Create relationships with industry professionals
·      Promote the development of AWD Black directors in specific areas
·      Facilitate successful interactions between the mentor and director
·      Help level the playing field by eliminating “barriers to entry” that have systematically excluded Black directors

Industry Mentors are paired with an AWD director based on common areas of focus. Categories include:
·      Episodic Directing
·      General Relationship Building / Career Advice
·      Shooting a Feature

Current BDAI Fellows

Fellows (left to right in photo) include: Tracey AnarellaKay Barnes, Cherese Bereal, Emily Blake, Traci Carter HolseyAsha Chai-ChangAngela M. GordonTirsa HacksawRebekah HendersonJasmine JewetJan Johnson Goldberger, Wanjiru Njendu, Zoana PriceFelicia PrideMelisa ReschJoenique C. RoseTequoia UrbinaRenée Wilson.

Participate in the AWD Black Directors Advancement Initiative

Directors: Applications are currently closed. AWD Members will receive an email when submissions open.

Mentors: If you are an Industry professional and would like to be a mentor for the BDAI, please contact us. *Please note: We ask for a minimum commitment of 3 meetings within 6 months.