Your Guide to Crushing AFM

by AWD Member Angie Comer AFM is a dynamic, must-attend event for filmmakers and writers. It is to your benefit as a creator to not simply attend AFM -- you need to work it! It’s essential to have your AFM game plan before the actual event starts, so that … Read On ›

Heartland International Film Festival & Indy Shorts

Heartland and Indy Shorts International Film Festivals - Indiana’s largest and longest-running and Midwest’s largest short film festivals, respectively - are the first film festivals to program a full block of films by the Alliance of Women Directors' members as part of an HIFF-AWD partnership. AWD spoke to Director … Read On ›

Nevertheless Film Festival Elevates Filmmakers

Inspired by “Nevertheless, she persisted,” the Nevertheless Film Festival was established in response to the rising conversations about equal representation in the film industry. AWD spoke to Festival Director and Founder Meredith Finch about the origins of the festival and the plans for the fest's inaugural year. Congratulations with the … Read On ›

Community Partner Spotlight: Canon Burbank

Community Partner Spotlight: Canon Burbank An interview with Michael Bravin   Starting in 2018, Canon Burbank has hosted AWD’s monthly Works In Progress program, which gives members an opportunity to screen and receive feedback about their projects, and has quickly become our members’ favorite event. The evenings typically start with a … Read On ›

Make 2019 Your Year to Shine

Dear AWD family, 2019 has begun and you have the power to make it your year to shine. We encourage you to access all the AWD resources available to you. In your Member Center is our "HotShot List" with crew recommendations from your fellow members. We detail our … Read On ›

Interview with Cheryl Crooks of CASCADIA Film Festival

Photo:  Cheryl welcomes the festival audience at Opening Night in the Pickford's theatre CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival: “Celebrating & Showcasing Exceptional Films by Women Directors” A newcomer to the film festival circuit, CASCADIA is one of only two festivals in the United States that shows films directed exclusively by women. AWD … Read On ›