Ally Membership

About Ally Membership

We’re thrilled to announce a new way to support AWD’s mission – become an Ally Member! An AWD Ally membership is perfect for:

  • Anyone who supports AWD’s mission to increase the number of women and gender nonbinary directors being hired
  • Anyone who loves film, television, music videos, and commercials
  • Anyone who is hoping to join AWD as a Directing Member but is not yet eligible
  • Anyone who works in the film industry and wants to get to know more directors and what’s happening in the world of directing

Why join as an Ally member?

To show your support for women and gender nonbinary directors!

While there have been gains in creating a more inclusive and diverse film industry – there’s still a lot of work to do, which is why we need support from allies like you to keep the needle moving towards more inclusivity!

Your annual contribution will go toward supporting the infrastructure of the organization so AWD can build relationships and create events and programs to further our mission of transforming the industry.

As an Ally member, you will have the opportunity to attend select events throughout the year, including:
*An annual in-person bash where Directing and Ally members mingle and connect (for those in the Los Angeles area)
*Our virtual Social Sundays (for those anywhere in the world)
*Our AWD South bi-monthly Book Club (virtual).

Other opportunities may include select screenings and conversations hosted by our studio and network partners. *Please note that you must be over 21 to attend any in-person AWD events that serve alcohol. 

Additionally, an Ally member, you will receive our monthly newsletter featuring a recap of the month’s news, interviews with AWD Directing members, highlights on AWD Directors’ projects, and an overview of upcoming events.

One of the founding principles of the organization is that community is important, and we are thrilled that our community will be even stronger because of you.

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AWD Ally Membership

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