AWD Book Club

Hosted virtually every other month by AWD South, the books selected for Book Club help members hone their craft as directors. Guest authors attend for a Q&A as their availability permits.

We are excited to have Ally Members join us for Book Club! Typically, we announce the next book about two months ahead, to give everyone time to absorb it. Information on how to RSVP goes out closer to each event.

In 2023, AWD members were treated discussions with the following authors about their books and careers: 

In 2022, AWD members read and discussed the following books. All authors were in attendance:

  • DIRECTORS TELL THE STORY by AWD Honorary Members and Directors Bethany Rooney and Mary Lou Belli
  • DIRECTING ACTORS– 25th Anniversary Edition by Acting Coach Judith Weston
  • DIRECTING GREAT TELEVISION: Inside TV’s New Golden Age by Director Dan Attias
  • 25th Anniversary Edition of FILM DIRECTING: SHOT BY SHOT – Visualizing from Script to Screen by Director Steven D. Katz
  • VISUAL STORYTELLING: How to Speak to the Audience without Saying a Word by Professor Morgan Sandler
  • TRANSITIONS: A Director’s Journey and Motivational Handbook by Director Pete Chatmon