AWD Book Club

Hosted virtually every other month by AWD South, the books selected for Book Club help members hone their craft as directors. Guest authors attend for a Q&A as their availability permits.

In 2022, AWD members read and discussed the following books. All authors were in attendance:

  • DIRECTORS TELL THE STORY by AWD Honorary Members and Directors Bethany Rooney and Mary Lou Belli
  • DIRECTING ACTORS– 25th Anniversary Edition by Acting Coach Judith Weston
  • DIRECTING GREAT TELEVISION: Inside TV’s New Golden Age by Director Dan Attias
  • 25th Anniversary Edition of FILM DIRECTING: SHOT BY SHOT – Visualizing from Script to Screen by Director Steven D. Katz
  • VISUAL STORYTELLING: How to Speak to the Audience without Saying a Word by Professor Morgan Sandler
  • TRANSITIONS: A Director’s Journey and Motivational Handbook by Director Pete Chatmon