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Joenique C. Rose

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Hailing from Central Florida, Joenique C. Rose moved to LA in 2008 to attend USC where she earned a Master of Education in Higher Ed Administration. After graduation, she worked at the USC Volunteer Center for 4 years as a supervisor all while studying and understanding writing and producing. After her short, KEYS, that she wrote and directed, she enrolled at the AFI Conservatory as a Producing Fellow. Since graduating she has worked for Issa Rae’s Color Creative, Lena Waithe’s Protest Art Productions in music videos, and several other production companies as a freelance producer.

In 2017, she became a Film Independent Project Involve Fellow where she produced the short, EMERGENCY, which has won the Special Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Narrative Award at SXSW, and streamed on HBO for two years.

Rose continues to build credits as a director. Her short film, LOG OFF, premiered at the Indie Memphis Film Festival in 2018. She also directed episodes of two web series, DATING NOW and 30 SOMETHING, including the pilot. She recently wrapped post on her short documentary, DESTINY MADE, that recently premiered at the St. Louis Int'l Film Festival.

In the meantime, to pay the bills she uses her first Masters and is currently the Manager of Inclusion and Diversity at a local film school.

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