Volunteer Spotlight: Gleana Albritton

Gleana Albritton has been a member of AWD South since 2019, and for the past two years has been an invaluable member of the Social Media team, as well as Co-Chair of the Communications committee. As Gleana moves into a new career opportunity, she is taking a step back from her volunteer work to focus on her position as Director of Production for Meow Wolf. The whole team at AWD wishes Gleana best of luck, and thanks her for her amazing contributions to this organization. She will be missed as a volunteer, but still valued as one of our amazing director members.

AWD: When did you first join AWD South? 

GA: I joined Alliance of Women Directors South (formerly AWD Atlanta) in November 2019.

How did AWD help your career as a filmmaker? 

AWD, most especially during the pandemic, offered incredible (virtual) community and programming that helped me to identify the areas of filmmaking I wanted to focus on. I’ve collaborated with a few of my fellow AWD members on their own projects and I believe most importantly AWD helped me to see that there is a unique space for me in this business. 

When and why did you start volunteering with the organization? 

I began volunteering in early 2020 because there was a need on the AWD South team for someone to help with marketing and communications for the organization. Because I’d spent nearly 20 years as an entertainment marketer I felt a powerful pull to jump in and help the AWD South leadership team as Chair of Communications. I also saw it as a wonderful opportunity to network with other female filmmakers. A few months after joining the Leadership team in the South, I was asked to join forces with the main AWD team as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee and it felt like I’d been given the opportunity to highlight, encourage, and amplify the members of AWD every week through motivational quotes & Female Filmmaker Friday. 

What has been one of your favorite things about working with AWD and our members?

My favorite thing about working with AWD has been in personally getting to know some of the dynamic, talented and supportive women filmmakers we have in our membership. I’m truly floored by the sheer amount of talent we have in our ranks! Incidentally I also feel like I really stepped up my Canva game by volunteering with the Communications team.

What is your best piece of advice for filmmakers just starting out? 

This is an incredibly hard thing to do, but try your best not to compare your filmmaking journey with anyone else’s. Comparison is a thief of joy, you just keep taking whatever steps you need to (no matter how small) in order to get started and keep going. Don’t afraid to make mistakes either – that’s how you’ll get better.

We will miss you greatly, but a HUGE congratulations on your new position as Director of Production for Meow Wolf! What are you most looking forward to in your next adventure? 

Thank you! I’m truly looking forward to working with all of the incredible artists, filmmakers and creative collaborators on the Meow Wolf team. I’m excited for us to put our minds together to make great art for the world to enjoy. Personally I’m looking forward to exploring, getting to know, and becoming a part of the creative/film community in New Mexico! 

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