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Path of Dreams screening

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema New York, NY

Director: Tamara Ruppart Logline: In poetic Japan, a poetess challenges her suitor to visit her for 99 nights, with the promise of creating a love more beautiful than poetry. Vowing to take him as her lover, our beauty reveals the passion behind Komachi’s heartbreaking poetry. Cast: Airi Kido (KOMACHI), TJ Kayama (SHOSHO) Get tickets HERE. View film website […]

Darcy awards

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema New York, NY

Director: Heidi E. Philipsen-Meissner Logline: Sometimes young love is better left alone. Darcy director, Heidi E. Philipsen-Meissner, was nominated for "Best Director", and her lead actress, Gus Birney, WON "Best Actress" at the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema! Watch the trailer HERE!