Solutions to Gender Inequality and Predatory Behavior

HuffPo: The day after Alabama chose not to elect Roy Moore to office, due in part to 98% of African American women turning out to make their voices heard, ‘We Do It Together’ and the Alliance of Women Directors, hosted the first in a series of panels to explore solutions to gender inequity and predatory behavior.

Reason for the panel discussion

“Our aim,” explained Chiara Tilesi, Founder and President of We Do It Together, “is to put an action plan or list of solutions together, to propose to organizations, institutions and guilds. This is a historically important moment, and we have the opportunity to make the big shift. In order to do this, we need incorporate two elements: Focusing on the solutions, and doing it together. It is not just” diverse genders and ethnicities, “but also different sectors of our society, businesses and professions. I proposed the idea to Jennifer Warren, the president of the Alliance of Women Directors, who immediately added so much value and insight to it. Together we developed the idea.”


About Alliance of Women Directors

Alliance of Women Directors fosters a community of professionals to advance the art, craft and visibility of women directors in film, television, & new media.

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