September Member News

Ashley Maria

AWD Member Ashely Maria‘s documentary film, PIONEERS IN SKIRTS, debuted on PBS in August. The multi-award-winning social impact film is a discourse on the issues that affect a woman’s pioneering ambition.

Check here for local air times, and be sure to follow Ashley on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Monique Sorgen

ROCK A BYE BABY, a short film by AWD Member Monique Sorgen, won 1st Place at the Just for Laughs “Eat My Shorts” Competition. The film centers on a drug deal gone wrong, when instead of cocaine the dealers find out they have a baby, and one of them refuses to give it back.

Check out more of Monique’s work on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Catherine Black

LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED, a short film by AWD Member Catherine Black, won Best Drama at Rock the Shorts Film Festival. The film tells the story of a happily married couple who struggles to keep their love alive after a miscarriage shatters their dream of starting a family.

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Heather Hawthorn Doyle

“A Little Daytime Drama,” a Hallmark RomCom directed by AWD Member Heather Hawthorn Doyle premiered on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S. and W Network in Canada on August 21.

The film, which centers around a soap opera, stars Jen Lilley, Ryan Paevy and Linda Dano – all former soap stars. More on the film here.

Elaine Del Valle

AWD Member Elaine Del Valle has been nominated for two Imagen Awards. Her short film Princess Cut is up for Best Short Film, and she’s additionally nominated for Best Commercial for her Walmart Quinceañera spot.

Keep up with Elaine’s work and awards via her Instagram.

Roxanne Marciniak

SINGLE…STILL?, a web series by AWD Member Roxanne Marciniak, premiered at Dances with Films Festival on August 28th in Los Angeles. The series revolves around Amanda – It usually takes years of therapy to learn how our childhood screwed us up, for Amanda, it’s dating in Los Angeles.

See more from Roxanne on her Instagram.

Joslyn Rose Lyons

AWD Member Joslyn Rose Lyons recently signed with new management. She is now repped by Doug Johnson at ICM. Her short film, RAP NOIR, will premiere this September in Oakland at The Lot. Another one of her shorts, LOOKING GLASS, has recently won a slew of festival awards, including Best Female Director at Top Shorts, and Best Short Film at Cinema of the World International Film Festival.

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Rahel Grunder

AWD Member Rahel Grunder‘s short form series, I WANNA BE SINGLE WITH YOU, premiered at the Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles this August. The pilot episode focuses on a woman, scarred but not scared from the end of a long-term relationship, who begins to look for her new Mr. Right and struggles to find one. So she decides to have many.

Keep up with Rahel on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Marissa Chibás

A Cuban Documemory, a film directed by AWD Member Marissa Chibás, will premiere at the Pasadena International Film Festival in September. The film, which is a feature length documentary focusing on Chibás’s travels to Cuba from her perspective as the daughter of an exiled Cuban revolutionary leader, previously won a Special Jury Prize at the Hollywood Venus Awards.

For more about Marissa and her work, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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