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DISPEL screening

Indianapolis Museum of Art 000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN, United States

Director: Kylie Eaton Logline: Young Lizzie must battle the monster that has possessed her mother, using the wisdom of her favorite TV fantasy show, “Celeste Skygoode.” Cast: Eris Baker, Gina Torres Watch the trailer HERE! Get tickets HERE!

AWD Block screening

DeBoest Lecture Hall Indianapolis, IN, United States

Films by Alliance of Women Directors selected by the Indy Shorts screening committee are "Bridget and Iain" by Leah Patterson*, "Cult" by Wei-Ling Chang, "Dispel" by Kylie Eaton*, "Pozole" by Jessica Mendez Siqueros*, "See You Tomorrow" and "So What Now" by Katarzyna Kochany, "Sorry, Not Sorry" by Monique Sorgen*, "The Gift of the Magi" by […]