November Member News

Kelly Sarri

AWD Member Kelly Sarri directed directed the first fictional series made exclusively for Instagram and Tik Tok called Gynarchy. The series, available on both platforms, is a minimalistic post-apocalyptic manless tale of a three-generation family of women that navigates life in an all-female colony.

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Tomeka M. Winborne

AWD South Chair Tomeka M. Winborne‘s film Wise Love was selected as a recipient of THE CHIMAERA PROJECT – TO.GET.HER finishing funds grant. The film is about a mother who becomes the caregiver for her 19-year-old-son who has recently developed schizophrenia. She makes a desperate attempt to save her son from himself, in a decision that could change their lives forever. 

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Lisa Cole

AWD Member Lisa Cole‘s short film Bienvenidos a Los Angeles premiered in July at LA Shorts International Film Festival, as well as was screened at last month’s New York Shorts International Film Festival. Inspired by true events and shot on location at LAX International Airport, the film tells the story of 4 immigrant women helping one another in the city or Angels. 

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Colleen Davie Janes

AWD Member Colleen Davie Janes‘s feature film Bad Nanny premiered on Lifetime Movie Network on October 21st. The film follows, Kendra, born on the wrong side of the tracks and consumed with envy and resentment for the life her (secret) socialite half-sister Remy Bell-Winter enjoys, secures a job as a nanny to Remy’s daughter Ella. Danger ensues.

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