Welcome AWD’s Newest Board Members!

We are so excited to announce five new members to your Board of Directors. Each has the experience and enthusiasm to contribute greatly to our organization. Please join us in welcoming each of these powerhouse directors to their first term and learn a little more about what inspired them to give back to AWD!


“I’ve been exposed to amazing learning opportunities and have been able to meet amazing  filmmakers who have become good friends and creative collaborators through AWD. I’m so grateful for the sisterhood and I was honored to be asked to apply for the executive board. I’m thrilled to be playing a leadership role and will work to expand the opportunities that were meaningful to me for our membership as we continue to grow.”


“There are so many incredibly talented female directors. Most people, however, only know the names of a handful of them. But AWD is filled with numerous female and nonbinary directors who are prodigious in a variety of storytelling genres. Just being in their company has made me feel confident and inspired. At every AWD meeting, I learn so many new things. I feel so much pride at what AWD represents, not just for those inside the industry but toward making it possible for the world to know more and more female, female-identifying, and nonbinary directors. As I continue on my journey of growth I am excited, humbled, and honored to join AWD as a board member, to participate in furthering AWD’s goals, and to give back to the community that has given me so much.”


“As a multi-hyphenate in the TV/Film industry, it is part of my mission statement to trailblaze and advance opportunities for women and non-binary folx. AWD is a wonderful group that I’m so happy to be a part of, and even more honored to serve this community on its Board.”


“I’m incredibly honored to join the AWD board and am looking forward to serving the greater AWD community. As an advocate of gender equity behind the camera, I believe we need more diverse storytelling, which in turn will also create a more holistic and sustainable film industry. I aim to elevate under-represented voices, break down barriers, build relationships, foster creativity and create lasting global impact.”


“AWD has long been an organization that I’ve admired due to its ability to generate meaningful industry change through its events, workshops and programs. I’m grateful to have been invited to join the board and to further support AWD’s mission to seek for greater equality in the voices that share stories behind the camera.”

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