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Felicia Gonzalez Brown

Felicia Gonzalez Brown premiered her LGBTQIA+ Drama short film “Vision of Love” at the Latina Independent Film Extravaganza Film Festival (LIFE).

“Vision of Love” centers on Sonia’s experience as an LGBTQIA+ womxn searching for unconditional love and belonging, and indulging in her joy and healing, rather than her trauma. It is a love letter to found family and a tribute to the work of generational cycle-breaking. “Vision of Love” follows Sonia on a journey to her hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland, in hopes of reconciling with her mother, following the news of her father’s death all while preparing for her wedding.

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Kameishia Wooten

Kameishia Wooten‘s short film “Choices” won the Best Cast Award at the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase.

Logline: Hidden away under the bleachers at school, free-spirited Aisha gives a pregnancy test to Jessica, a cheerleader and prom queen contender, who’s terrified of what the results might mean. They are joined by their childhood friend Portia, who has made her own decisions about motherhood. The three reconnect over their circumstances and celebrate all of life’s choices.

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