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Announced in Deadline, “guts,” the short film directed by Margaux Susi, is World Premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2024.

Logline: Desperate for help, a woman in recovery asks an unlikely stranger on a dinner date.

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The hilarious PERIOD. campaign from social-impact agency Public Inc. and director Eva Midgley sees Crampus #DeckTheStalls this Christmas!

This PSA raises awareness for period poverty, a serious subject introduced to the audience by Crampus – a.k.a. Mother Bitchmas, Coochie Claus, or Santy Panty. She is a fabulous hell demon complete with bedazzled horns and a red satin power suit. While devouring tampon cookies and making it rain maxi pads, she delivers hard truths with sass in a menstruation monologue raising awareness for those without access to proper sanitary care. READ MORE about the spot HERE.

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Luisa Nova directed episode 03 of the six-episode anthology web series Apartment 30, made as part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of The New York Film Academy. Alumni were selected to write, direct and produce the episodes. The series centers around an Airbnb with an enchanted guest book that grants wishes to those who stay – whether those wishes be for good or ill.

You can watch Episode 03 – Get Him(bo) To The Church On Time: A young man with no life skills has 30 minutes to get ready for a wedding after his controlling sister disappears HERE.

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Monique Sorgen‘s web series, “Codependent Socks!” has been released on Kold Open and is free to watch at https://www.koldopen.com/codependent-socks

Logline: Steven, a civil rights lawyer with a questionable sense of personal boundaries who works at his law firm with his most recent ex-wife, Joy, while his current wife, Bliss, employs her own ex-husband, Giovanni, to help her out around the house. Inspired by a true situation… But with sock puppets. Starring Wallace Langham, Zainab Johnson, Reiko Aylesworth, Emma Fassler, Kaitlyn Tanimoto, Jacopo Rampini, Lindsey Loon; and puppeteers: Michelle de la Peña, David Beach, Elza Hofeld, Joe Annabi

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