Helping Members-in-need

COVID-19 has affected practically every aspect of our lives. While these may not be the challenges we are used to facing, AWD has always been about creating community to work through adversity. 

Starting today, we will be raising funds from our community at large to provide pre-purchased meals for our members in need. Here are the details:

  • All contributions will go towards helping members with meals – not rent or any other bill payments.

  • AWD is working with Everytable, a local Los Angeles non-profit.

  • An AWD Member-in-need can choose from a set menu of 5 standard or vegetarian meals every Wednesday.
  • Everytable will process their selection, produce the meals, and deliver to the AWD member the following week.
  • The cost will be $5 per meal + $9 delivery, so $34 per person, per week, for 5 delivered meals.
  • We are estimating a cost of $2500 per week.
  • We can keep this program running for as long as we have enough funds available:
    4 weeks = $10,000
    6 weeks = $15,000
    8 weeks = $20,000


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