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Zuzana Gedeon

Direct Contact
ZGecko Productions, LLC
Zuzana Gedeon
(406) 224-4023 phone
280 W Kagy Blvd
Suite D149
Bozeman, MT 59715

Zuzana Gedeon (she/her) is a film director.

Bright, intellectually curious, and fun, with just enough ego to keep her level headed and motivated but not get in the way of her warm personality, she is driven to walk the unbeaten paths and present unusual worlds, events, and characters that she can actually relate to as a professional independent woman who may not have all the ducks in the row at all times, but is able to find a silver lining in almost any situation.
While cooped up in 2020 she decided to catch up what directors usually do as kids: run around and make terrible movies to improve her craft. To pass time she wrote, created and acted and studied directing.
Often acting in her own films, Zuzana creates storyboards to streamline the filmmaking process.
Her scripts and short films created during these lonely times garnered her some recognition and little awards, but her dream is to have a crew and a team and work with some fun special effects.
With a background in dancing, math, and XR, she loves to include practical and CGI effects and stunts to tell fun unusual stories.

Zuzana is a dual citizen and holds US and EU passports.

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