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Helena Yingna Wu

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Pasadena, California

Helena Yingna Wu is a dedicated documentary & narrative filmmaker with an adventurous spirit. She worked for China Global TV Network for over a decade as a documentary director & producer based in China and Africa. She recently obtained an MFA degree in Film from ArtCenter College of Design in the US.

Yingna directed 15 documentaries across China on its people and social changes. She covered the Wenchuan Earthquake (magnitude 7.9) in 2008, despite the imminent dangers of a dam collapsing. She covered the Shanghai Expo in 2010.

In 2015, Yingna wrote and directed "When Chinese Meet Zambians" which has 2.9 million views on YouTube. In 2019, she wrote and directed "The Island" about Zanzibar, a melting pot for European, Arabian and African cultures, winning “Best Medium Documentary” at the Heritales Film Festival in Portugal.

In 2020, Yingna wrote and directed her best documentary work, "On the Wild Plateau" about wildlife conservation in Tibet - 5000 meters above sea level - known as "Roof of the World".

In 2023, Yingna wrote and directed a psychological short, "The Counseling", winning the Award of Merit at The IndieFest Film Awards. Her latest film is the recreation of a climactic father and son scene from DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

Yingna has an unstoppable curiosity about life and the world. And FILM, is her best tool to explore.

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