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Tracy Wren

Sky Film
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Tracy Wren, Director, Writer, WGA
Full Sail University Advisory Board

“From a long list of candidates, I chose her. My criteria were simple.
 Did she know story and could she direct actors? Her work was quite exceptional,”
Peter Bonerz, Actor, Director.

Throughout our production, you were a creative director with an eye for compassionate and empathetic characters. I know how hard you worked on your preparation (the "absolute "key to success in any filmmaking endeavor) and your diligence showed through every day on the set. You never lost your sense of humor or dignity. You never panicked. You never faltered in your confidence to succeed. I am proud to call you my friend.
Normann Porkorny, DGA, Producer, Rain Beau's End.

Broken Mind: Director: DapperPenguin Pre-Production
Rain Beau's End: Director: Best Audience Award Q-Flix 2021, LesFlicks
Beautiful Destroyer: Co - Director: Amazon
Moo Moo and the Three Sisters: Director: Amazon

Autism and Cake: Director: starring Ed Asner

Neighbors: Director/Writer: starring Gil Bellows
Royal Canadian Reel Award and Director's Choice TIFF

Gonzalez: Director: starring Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog
Clermont Ferrand

Dublin, Texas: Director
Special Mention Kerry Film Festival

Claude et Albert: Director
First Prize Kerry Film Festival

Just Seen It: Director: 6 episodes

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