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Tracy Wren

Direct Contact
Cambridge Players INC
(310) 403-9342 phone
1105 Idaho Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Tracy Wren, Director, Writer, WGA 310-403-9342 Cambridge Players INC

“From a long list of candidates, I chose her. My criteria were simple.
Did she know story and could she direct actors? Her work was quite exceptional,”
Peter Bonerz, Actor, Director.

Tracy Wren: Rain Beau’s End:

Tracy Wren just wrapped her 3rd feature, Rain Beau’s End, starring Emmy Award winning actor, Ed Asner, Sean Young and Christian Stolte. Distribution includes Breaking Glass. Producers include R.B. Botto of Stage 32.

Tracy Wren recently joined the Writers Guild of America with her pilot, Honey Holes. She is in pre-production for her next feature, It Just Came Out, a serious comedy adapted from the award winning play by Irish playwright Christian O’Reilly. It Just Came Out is in the process of becoming a signatory for the DGA.

It Just Came Out: Feature Director/Writer/adaptation
The Rooting Place: Feature Director/Writer/adaptation
Neighbors: Director/Writer/adaption from three Raymond Carver short stories, starring Gil Bellows
Gonzalez: Director/Writer: starring Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog: Screened Clermont-Ferrand
Claude et Albert: Director/Writer: 1st prize Short Doc: Kerry Film Festival
Just Seen It: PBS 6 Episodes

1st Prize Short Doc, Claude et Albert, Kerry Film Festival
Honorable Mention

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