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T. L. Quach

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Tina Quach

T. L. Quach is an Asian American Director and DGA-qualified Assistant Director who focuses on directing Commercial Content and Dramatic Narratives.

When directing commercials, she works with clients from underrepresented backgrounds, allowing them to have a visual voice for their brand. Her commercial with Brewyard Brewery has aired on ESPN, Comedy Central, and CNN in the local area under Spectrum Reach.

In her narrative work, she emphasizes themes about women’s fears, striving to diversify and update the Thriller and Drama genres with a Female POC lens.

Through the Alliance of Women Directors, Quach is collaborating with other women directors in creating an Anthology Feature Film, Through the Blinds, where 7 women-centric stories take place in one American house through the decades. Their crowdfunding campaign reached 123% of their development funds goal and the project is currently in Pre-Production.

Additionally, her feature length script CRAVE is a psychological horror film about Stockholm Syndrome, drawing influences from Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca and Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern. The screenplay was a Semifinalist for Scriptapalooza 2019, Quarterfinalist for ScreenCraft Spring 2019 Competition, and a Quarterfinalist for Final Draft's Big Break Screenplay Competition 2019.

T. L. Quach's Director Reel from T. L. Quach on Vimeo.

T. L. Quach Commercial Director Reel from T. L. Quach on Vimeo.

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