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Thomai Hatsios

Direct Contact
(310) 621-2022 phone
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Thomai Hatsios is a Director who is a first-generation American. Having experienced it firsthand, Thomai wholeheartedly believes in the power of television and film to shift paradigms. Television helped her learn to speak English, and, more importantly, she became aware of life's many possibilities outside her family's home via television and film.

Thomai has directed commercials, music videos, and the narrative portion of true crime episodes. On Who Do You Believe, for ABC, Thomai directed the two opposing perspectives of every story. As the director of season one, she directed each department, recreating various periods, locations, and stunts with actors who not only looked the part, they honored the very real people they were portraying with nuanced performances.

While directing commercials, her ability to create with the agency and client bringing their vision to fruition, is informed by her previous experience as an editor, first AD, and Producer for NBC, CBS, ABC promos, Lionsgate pilots, major brand commercials, and music videos. Samsung, LG, Swarovski, and Warner Bros are among Thomai's many satisfied clients. Her commitment to craft and community is unassailable.

Genres: drama, action, sci-fi, and fantasy/magical realism.

Thomai is a mentor, teaches self-defense and meditation, and works with Feed The Streets, serving the unhoused in L.A.


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