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Sylvia Ray

Direct Contact
(310) 745-0522 phone

Sylvia Ray is an award winning Chicana/Korean-American filmmaker that is passionate about projects that are inclusive, visually inspiring, and emotionally truthful. She focuses on telling stories about characters that overcome fears and feelings of unworthiness while navigating the humor of the human experience.

Having grown up in a small desert town - where nearly half the population lives beneath the poverty line - and moving to Los Angeles as a young adult, she is motivated to exceed expectations and provide a unique perspective through her filmmaking.

Sylvia's films have played in festivals around the world and have won several awards and prizes. Her short film A PERIOD PIECE, won her Best Female Filmmaker at Lonely Seal Film Festival granting her $10,000 in prizes.

Sylvia has worked creatively in AR and VR with clients like Magnopus on Disney and Disney-Pixar projects. She also worked with Director and Cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt and shadowed Director Michael Goi on ABC’s THE ROOKIE.

Sylvia earned a degree in Communications while minoring in Asian Studies at Cal State Fullerton. She is based in Los Angeles and pulls inspiration from her desert-town upbringing, travels abroad, her fashion background, and motherhood.

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