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Stephanie Soto

Direct Contact
G-Ma Productions llc
Stephanie Soto
(732) 407-6324 phone
po Box 77963
Charlotte, NC 28271

Stephanie Soto, Director, Casting Director, Producer
Currently in Charlotte NC originally from NJ, I attended the Lee Strasberg School of Acting then realized that I was more intrigued with the operation behind the camera.
I have directed a few short films, currently in production on Lost & Found about a woman's experience with dementia. Another one actually my first short film Gaming & Life has taken a life of its own on the festival circuit North/South East & West. Its about a young boy who is engulfed in playing video games when he is faced with real life turmoil when a family member becomes ill. We have a 20s animated scene included in the film. We also have in development a comedy about 2 Mature Grandmothers and their journey through the new legal weed epidemic. We are seeking investors and funding for this project.
You can follow me on IG: @gmaproductionsllc or @gamingandlife

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