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Sophia Cacciola

Direct Contact
Launch Over, LLC
Sophia Cacciola
(617) 863-0232 phone
Los Angeles, CA

Sophia Cacciola is a director and cinematographer known for sociopolitical micro-budget horror and sci-fi feature films including the feminist vampire throwback, Blood of the Tribades (2016), the cerebral time-loop trance, Magnetic (2015), and the post-modern surrealist murder mystery, TEN (2014). All three features were partially funded via successful Kickstarter campaigns, had year-long festival runs, and were distributed on VOD, DVD, blu-ray, and VHS.

Women of Rock Oral History Project 2017 Teaser from Women of Rock OHP on Vimeo.

Blood of the Tribades - Trailer 2016 from Launch Over - Cacciola / Epstein on Vimeo.

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