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Sophia Costanzo

Direct Contact
Sophia Costanzo
(424) 223-8194 phone
7714 Kentwood Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Sophia Costanzo is a writer/director who comes from a Cuban-Italian-American family, a fusion that not only provides the best food combinations but also has a rich oral storytelling tradition. Inspired by the ways her family shared their stories from one generation to the next, she tells heartfelt, multigenerational family stories that blend humor with authenticity to resonate deeply with audiences.

Sophia’s desire to create more representation for Latinas both in front of and behind the camera is clear throughout her work. Her short film "Good Cuban Girls," which premiered at the Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts International Film, was inspired by her family and sheds light on the complexities of cultural identity. Sophia also aims to amplify the voices of women in sports. A former baseball player, basketball player, and boxer, she has experienced the challenges of being a female athlete firsthand and crafts stories that not only promote equal representation but also celebrate female athletes’ accomplishments.

Sophia received her BA in Film, Television, and Theatre from the University of Notre Dame and her MFA in Directing from Loyola Marymount University. She is a Class of 2024 AWD Mentor Latina Directors Fellow. Outside the film world, Sophia is, of course, an excellent home cook who shows her love through comforting dishes—just like her Italian dad and Cuban grandma.

Sophia Costanzo - Director's Reel from Sophia Costanzo on Vimeo.

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