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Shriya Rana

Direct Contact
Shriya Rana
(818) 940-7035 phone
Burbank, CA 91505

Best known for directing films like Ayesha (2021), Drifting Darkly (2018), Serena Calling (2018), Procrastination (2018), and False Notion (2019), Shriya Rana has worked on over 20 films which have played in prestigious film festivals around the world. She bagged 6 directing awards for her film "Ayesha". The film also won the prestigious "Audience choice Award at the UCLAxFF '2021 and has secured over 40 Official Selections in festivals like Marina Del Rey Film Festival '2021, Capri Hollywood Film Festival including the academy qualifying festivals Best of India Shorts '2022 and Bengaluru International Short Film Festival '2022. Her films resonate with all ages, and her signature style brings together creativity, sensitivity, and individuality to create a unique cinematic experience.

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