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Sarah J Eagen

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Sarah is a Writer, Actor, and Choreographer. After earning a double degree in Theatre and Neuroscience and studying at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland, she was in the midst of earning her Ph.D. in Genetics when she decided to follow her passion of working in the entertainment industry.
An avid content creator, Sarah is currently a staff writer on the sci fi audio drama The Veil, produced by Voxx Studios. She wrote/directed/starred in the webseries "Magic for Muggles" based on Harry Potter, and the scientific short film "The Interview", based on her graduate school research in Genetics and Virology. Sarah was a finalist for the Women in Film/Blacklist Episodic lab in the fall of 2017 & the NYTVF Script Comp in 2018. One of her scripts was performed live by the Parsec award-nominated podcast Once Upon a Wine.
Sarah was seen as the helpful paralegal Carol in CBS's action comedy Rush Hour. She also had the pleasure of sharing the screen with funny lady Kristen Schaal in the feature film Austin Found.
Sarah is a member of the Junior Leadership Board of Hollywood Heart, a LA-based organization that provides arts education to underserved youth & those affected by HIV/AIDS. She volunteers for their events and workshops regularly, including their powerful Camp HollywoodHEART. Sarah strongly believes in their mission that arts education should be available to everyone

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