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Robin Bain

Leslin Films

Robin Bain is a graduate of the University of Southern California and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from the USC School of Dramatic Arts.

Bain has gone on to become a multi-award winning writer, director and producer, whose directorial debut GIRL LOST speaks on the harsh realities of underage prostitution in the United States.

Girl Lost became the ‘#1 Trending Movie’ on Amazon Prime upon it’s May 2018 release as well as the ‘#1 Most Popular Movie’ on the TubiTV digital platform.

Robin Bain is an author for Ms. In The Biz, a website dedicated to female filmmakers. Bain often gears her writing toward controversial subjects regarding women in the film industry.

Bain is currently in post-production on a subsequent GIRL LOST movie, GIRL LOST: A HOLLYWOOD STORY and in post-production as the writer and director of The Last Exorcist starring Danny Trejo, Rachele Brooke Smith and Terri Ivens.

Girl Lost 2 - Official Trailer from Odyssey Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Official GIRL LOST: A HOLLYWOOD STORY (2020) trailer. Written, directed and produced by Robin Bain.

Official Girl Lost Website

Robin Bain on Wikipedia


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