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Rachel Feldman

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2018-2019, Feldman has directed THE ROOKIE, 2 episodes of BLUE BLOODS, and CRIMINAL MINDS as well as the pilot and full season (6 episodes) of THE BAXTERS for MGM. Feldman has more than 75 hours of episodic drama and feature credits, and is currently in active development to direct her multi award-winning screenplay LILLY about fair pay activist Lilly Ledbetter. Her pilot KINKS won 2 WGA Best Spec Pilot Awards and was selected for Cannes Series 2019. Feldman is former chair of the DGA Women’s Steering Committee. She holds an MFA in film directing from NYU and has taught directing in the MFA program at USC.

HERE NOW from Rachel Feldman on Vimeo.

Episodic Directing Reel from Rachel Feldman on Vimeo.

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