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Pamela Perrine

The Hawk Swoops Productions LLC
Pamela Perrine
(404) 626-7456 phone
169 Milledge Heights
Athens, GA 30606

Pamela Perrine is an American director, and screenwriter. Born in New Mexico and raised in Georgia, she knew at a young age she wanted to change the world one scene at a time. She made her writing and directorial debut in 2018, with the award-winning, short film, "Angels in Rocket Field", starring Michael Abbott Jr. A heartwarming and inspiring southern film, it was produced by her company, The Hawk Swoops Productions, and shot on location in Georgia.
"The Journeyman", starring Jay Mohr and featuring "The Last Day" by Moby and Skylar Gray. Pamela wrote and directed this psycho-drama and is anxious to share what her talented team created. This short film is currently enjoying some success on the film festival circuit.
Currently is post-production, she produced and directed "Lunch Hour with the President", based on the award-winning script by Frank Vespe.
A SAG-AFTRA member for over twenty years, Pamela is also an actor, and held a position on the Atlanta local SAG-AFTRA IndyOutreach Committee, where she spearheaded the idea for the upcoming Short Film Showcase.

She enjoys working with her team, in a positive environment, reminding them that our art matters, our story matters, and movies matter. She strives to continue to uphold her cinematic vision, and parlay her films into messages that will impact others, change hearts, and change lives.

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