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Nikki Braendlin

Aunt Kiki Productions
Nikki Braendlin

Nikki Braendlin wrote and directed the feature film AS HIGH AS THE SKY, which was released by Cinema Libre Studio after garnering strong reviews and several festival awards. She is currently working on projects with various producers including Chady Eli Mattar (CAPERNAUM), Eleonore Dailly (I AM NOT AN EASY MAN), and Lisa Barrett McGuire (THIS IS HAPPENING).

Before working in "the industry," Nikki worked as a counselor in a group home for children and teenagers and co-founded Hear Me Roar Productions, an all-women’s theater company that produced benefits for women’s and children’s organizations.

Nikki serves on the Board of Directors for Alliance of Women Directors and is a member of Film Fatales and Glass Elevator.

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