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Mora Carew

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Mora Carew is a Nigerian-American director, writer and producer. She completed her first film "2 Eye Drops from Normal" in October 2021 - winner of the Programmers' Award for Short Narrative at the academy-qualifying 2022 Pan African Film Festival. She subsequently entered into a 2-year licensing deal with AMC Networks. Her current film "Paint" is entering the 2024 film festival circuit.

From 2018-2019, Mora apprenticed director Peter Bogdanovich in directing and writing, and assisted him in completing Orson Welles' final film "The Other Side of the Wind", as well as the Buster Keaton documentary "The Great Buster - A Celebration".

Mora is a graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade and 4-time recipient of their Diversity Scholarship. She had the amazing experience of performing around the country for 2 years with her improv comedy team.

Mora has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. She was selected as part of the 2022 Alliance of Women Directors 'Directing the Actor' Fellowship, and the 2020 class of the Alliance of Women Directors 'Shadowing Program'. She currently works at Shondaland as the Senior Finance Manager.

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