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Moni Vargas

Nuyorktricity Productions
Moni Vargas
Los Angeles, California

Moni Vargas is the co-founder of Nuyorktricity, a production company currently based in Los Angeles who has worked as a director, producer and cinematographer for clients like Will Smith’s Overbrook & Westbrook Entertainment, Vice, Stanley Nelson’s Firelight Media, Sony Pictures, Black Public Media, Apple Music and Paramount Network.
She has directed an array of music videos, celebrity fashion editorials, and educational content, including an 11-week course on Confidence with Queen Latifah in 2019. In 2012 & 2017, Moni produced and directed the pilots of Red Table Talk for Jada Pinkett Smith, which were featured in the premiere episode of the series with over 31.2 million views on Facebook Watch. She has also directed slick robot commercials and insightful short docs for brands & organizations.
“Audrey’s Poem,” the latest short narrative film Moni wrote, produced and directed, is included in "Big Little Girls," a DVD & streaming film anthology. Moni’s screenwriting serves as an extension of her interests in social justice, mental health, immigrant, environmental and women’s rights through a lens that celebrates the everyday life of its protagonists.
Friends We Love, a platform she co-founded, consists of media workshops, experiential events and a short doc series with screenings at Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum, and international film festivals.

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