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Monique Sorgen

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Monique Sorgen
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Santa Monica, CA

Monique Sorgen is a French-American writer-director who uses comedy to upend the cultural expectations of a woman's place in society. Raised in an idealistic hippie house, then disillusioned by the realities of the world, her voice is joyfully cynical and her projects are fun but thought provoking.

A fellow in Sony Television Directors Program, BlackMagic Collective, and Directing the Actor Lab with Alliance of Women Directors, she’s directed branded reality series, music videos that were acquired by the Disney Channel and multiple award-winning shorts including, "Sorry, Not Sorry," "Rock A Bye Baby," and "Random Check," Plus "Codependent Socks!" an award-winning sitcom pilot about her unusual family starring sock puppets.

She began her career as a director’s assistant on network television shows. Since then, she has been a shadowing director with Lesli Linka Glatter, Pamela Fryman, Mary Lou Belli, and Michael Spiller. Currently, she has a new short on the festival circuit that is a proof of concept for her passion feature, "BAD BFF," she runs a free Directing Actors Workshop, where directors and actors get to work out new projects and skills, she’s a founding member of a new initiative promoting GenX women directors, and a host on WGAw’s “3rd & Fairfax” podcast. Monique is also an accomplished screenwriter.

Monique Sorgen Reel (includes clips from Narrative work):

Sorry, Not Sorry (award winner):

Rock A Bye Baby (award winner):


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