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Mary Catherine Brouder

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Mary Catherine Brouder began her production career in Ireland, with Through Roma Eyes for Storyful, and went on to Direct/Produce Dedicated to Dance (TV3), Punk Economics (Digital), and Kenny Wild (Sky). She has worked on programs in the U.S. for CNN, PBS, CBS, HBO, Lifetime, and IFC. Mary Catherine was an Editor on The C-Word film, Executive Produced by Morgan Freeman; she was an AP on award-winning experimental film, Shoulder the Lion, and an Archivalist/Field Producer on Michael Moore’s forthcoming film, Fahrenheit 11/9. She released her first independent film, A Mighty Man: The Father Gerry Roche Story, in 2012, and she is currently developing her second film, A Price Worth Paying, with Erin Brockovich. Mary Catherine graduated cum laude from Harvard University, and earned her MS at Columbia School of Journalism. She was born in the Bronx and grew up playing music in a family band.

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