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Maryam Farahzadi

Direct Contact
Maryam Farahzadi
(585) 285-5625 phone
Pasadena, California 91101

Maryam is an Animation Filmmaker based in Los Angeles.
She holds MFA Degree in Film and Animation from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York. She is currently woking as an Animation and Motion Graphic Artist at SprintRay Inc.
She has won numerous awards internationally for a short animation called "The Role of Each Fret" which is written, directed, and animated by herself. It has also been officially selected for more than 40 film festivals internationally.

"Blue" is her second successful project that was written, directed, designed, animated and produced by Maryam in 2017 which was awarded in film festivals and was selected for more than 35 film festivals internationally.

"Goldfish" is her recent project which is also her MFA thesis project.
It has been selected for 5 film festivals so far.

some of her notable awards are:

-1st Prize of 7th Annual Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, 2015, for The Role of Each Fret.
-2nd Prize winner in the 44th Roshd international Film Festival in Tehran
-Best Animation of international Noor Film festival in Florida, USA 2017
-CBCF ALC short film festival holding by CONGRESSMAN HANK JOHNSON, AWARD WINNER, Washington DC, USA, 2018- for Blue
and many more...

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