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Livia Perini Borjaille

Direct Contact
Livia Perini Borjaille
(718) 790-6389 phone
98 Himrod
apt 1R
Brooklyn, New York 11221

Award-winning Brazilian New York-based filmmaker, known for directing, shooting and produce high-quality value content films, documentaries (long and short form), brand content and TV shows for top clients including HBO, MTV, Nestle, Microsoft, Visa, Motorola, New York Times and Google.
Succeeded in creating, directing and producing a long lasting and audience leader TV show for Globo Channel, the biggest network in Latin America.
"Rainha da Cocada" were broadcasted on prime time and critically acclaimed for production value and art directors, while also achieving The Taste Award for best web series.
Played an instrumental role on the production of an authorial project that convey importance of education to poor communities in Brazil, subsequently earned more than 20 awards worldwide, including the Best Short Doc produced in Brazil in 2019 by the Brazilian Film Academy, an Oscar-recognized Award.
Successfully directed and shot a series of short documentaries, which were broadcasted in CNN, Yahoo!, New York Times, and Newsweek.

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