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Linda Shayne is a feature film and TV writer and director. Shayne began directing film for the iconic Roger Corman and then went on to write for DISNEY and IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT. Shayne directed a feature starring Ned Beatty and Thora Birch, for which Thora won a Youth In Film Award. Shayne has directed single camera episodic for NICKELODEON and recently directed a suspense thriller short, MIRROR IMAGE, which won her a Directing Award at the Freedom Film Festival Intl. and a Finalist at the Oaxaca FilmFest. Shayne is a dual citizen, American and Canadian (two passports).

Shayne graduated with highest honors from the University of California at Berkeley. She received a federal grant to study adult autism and her published work includes papers on ex-offenders from San Quentin State Prison. Shayne work often involves giving voice to the voiceless.

Shayne has developed dramatic movies for SHOWTIME, X-FILME of Germany and a romantic comedy for PATRIOT ENT. Shayne directed a film shot in Romania that PARAMOUNT distributed and has created a scripted TV series for QUINCY JONES' company QDE, developed a TV pilot for MOTTOLA ENTERTAINMENT and directed the family film “Undercover Kid” released on WARNER BROS. video.

Shayne recently wrote a children’s book that Emmy Award winning animator, Art Leonardi, illustrated, and she created two animated TV series for the Kids WB.

Trailer for Film Festival Award-Winning suspense thriller, MIRROR IMAGE, directed by Linda Shayne.

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