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Lemia Bodden

Direct Contact
Quelquefois Films
Lemia Bodden
(917) 334-5420 phone

Lemia Monet Bodden is an observer of film, art, architecture, and graphic design; her work brings about a visual confluence of different inspirations. To expand her upon her visual education, she pursued a film education from New York University, graduating with a degree in film production, with Honors, in 2008.

She seriously committed herself to her fine arts career in 2010, networking with other artists and galleries for exhibition possibilities. She has been in over 40 exhibitions all over the world, including a solo show at The United Nations (NY), New York Photo Festival (NY), Dumbo Arts Festival (Brooklyn), Freies Museum Berlin (Berlin), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), and Gallery on the Corner (London), just to name a few.

To strengthen her desire to become a film director, she wrote, produced, edited, and directed a short film called Love’s Lost, while still at NYU. The film was shown at the Short Film Corner of the 60th International Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Several years after graduating, she wrote, produced, edited, and directed another short called Glance in 2013. The film went on to small screenings and festivals, such as Grrl Haus Cinema, Boddenale, Black Jour Fixe, Picture Farm Film Festival, and it recently screened at a Tokyo art festival called Digital Africa in August 2017.

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