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Lauren Robbins

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As a San Diego native, Lauren 'LaLa' Robbins got her start on stage at Sue Hamilton's school of Dance Arts in a Reebok audition at 9 years old. She booked it and danced her way into musical theater sharing the stage regularly with American Idol finalist Adam Lambert for the Children's Theater Network. She then moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2003 to pursue a career in film as she enrolled in Santa Monica College as a film major while working two jobs. In her Production planning class with Robin Daniels she was given her first set assignment as a Production Assistant for a PSA. Some years later after attending P.A. boot camp she was introduced to Bob Roe who helped launch her career as a full time set P.A. on sitcoms such as Key&Peele, Playing House, and Teachers. Lauren is now a festival award winning director plying her craft for Disney's newest platform, Disney Plus as a 1st A.D. Her most recent film work was in capacity as a 2nd 2nd A.D. in the indie feature "Fool’s Paradise” in Charlie Day's, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia directorial debut. LaLa is a true team player, equally adept at leading or executing. She is always taking great strides to shift up the production ladder, with two shorts in post-production for the upcoming festival season.

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