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Lauren Ciaravalli

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Lauren Ciaravalli

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Lauren Ciaravalli is a director and writer with a passion for comedic, female-driven stories. She is currently in post production on her independent romantic comedy HEART LAND starring Shakira Barrera (G.L.O.W.). On the writing side, she has developed with Jennifer Lopez's Nuyorican Productions and is a graduate of the Nickelodeon Writing Program. As a director she was tapped to helm Season 1 of BratTV’s series SUNNYSIDE UP, a 120-page endeavor that was completed in 13 days on a $350K budget. Prior to that, AwesomenessTV hired Lauren to write and direct an episode of the romance anthology series LOVE DAILY (Netflix), for which she earned a WGA Award Nomination. Her skill for making powerful connections with audiences extends to the world of commercial and branded content, where Lauren creates and directs content for clients such as Spotify, Lime Crime, Barnes & Noble and more. A graduate NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and prolific independent filmmaker, Lauren’s work has played at Oscar-qualifying festivals across the country. Her work can be found at


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