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Lale Arpaci

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Lale Arpaci
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For Immediate Release: October 2020


Los Angeles Director Lale Arpaci (MTV's “Ridiculousness”) Heads to North Carolina to Direct and Produce for YouTuber “Mr. Beast,” Google’s “Near Me” Ad Campaign & “Facing Race” Documentary for Race Forward

Award winning director/producer Lale Arpaci, well established on the west coast, has commanded the attention of YouTube's fastest growing personality and 2020’s Streamy Award Winner of the Year “MrBeast,” whose home base is Greenville, North Carolina, for whom she recently hopped coasts to direct several productions, which all became #1 trending viral videos on the platform and collectively garnered nearly 1 billion views.

She was also awarded a short-form documentary project by the organization Race Forward about local folk in Raleigh fighting for change against racial injustice. During this time Lale Arpaci was selected as one of 4 individuals to direct Google's “Near Me” advertising campaign.

Ms. Arpaci returned to Los Angeles to executive produce and direct React Media's PTEA campaign and well as episodes for ABC's long-running hit show 20/20.

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