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Kristina Thomas

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Kristina Thomas first showed her potential in the documentary world by winning a contest for $50,000 to direct a TV pilot in New Orleans for MTV/Endemol. After paying her dues as script coordinator, her feature script "WORTH IT" received some well-deserved recognition as a semi-finalist for the Women in Film/The Black list feature competition and BET's Project Cre8 Feature competition. Nevertheless, her shorts have won awards like comedy short “HOUSE OF BALLS” lead actress Mariah Robinson (ACT YOUR AGE) Best Actor at Alt Film Festival, the 1/2 pilot was a semi-finalist for the BET's Project Cre8: TV and the Hollyshorts Festival. The concept short film for “WORTH IT” has been making its festival rounds including the Canadian Screen Award qualifying, Toronto Black Film Festival and recently won Honorable mention at the Lady Filmmakers Festival. Additionally she's consulted on the scripted comedy podcasts, "YES WE CANNABIS" and "STRANDED" for Broadway Video and written for JJ Abrams HBO show “Demimonde” and Dick Wolf’s CBS drama “FBI: INTERNATIONAL”. Former Women in Film Directors mentee, Amy Aniobe’s TRIBE Mentee, Kristina recently finished in Film Independent’s Project Involve as a directing fellow and is developing her first feature, “WORTH IT“.


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