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Juliet Romeo

Direct Contact
(786) 709-5659 phone
545 NW 210th Street
Apt 103
Miami, Florida 33169

Hailing from the vibrant culture of Trinidad & Tobago and the bustling streets of Brooklyn, Juliet Romeo's journey paints a tale of resilience, passion, and triumph. This award-winning filmmaker, now gracing South Florida, turned her life's adversities into a canvas of creativity. Battling Sickle Cell Disease since birth, Juliet transformed her hospital confinements into sanctuaries of imagination, mastering the art of storytelling.

With an impressive portfolio of over a dozen eclectic screenplays—from heartfelt romance to gripping thrillers—Juliet’s narratives are powerfully women-centric, socially conscious, and always entertaining. Drawing from her rich Caribbean heritage, life as a woman of color, and her personal disability, she crafts stories that resonate, empower, and challenge the status quo. Her artistic eye has also earned her recognition as the art director for cinematic gems like 'I Before Thee', '1Love', and 'Today, Like Yesterday'.

Amidst the hurdles of her health journey and the heartbreak of losing her best friend to the same disease, Juliet's unyielding spirit led her to chase her dream of filmmaking. Her poignant documentary, J.U.L.E.S, not only won the Doc Without Borders 2020 award but also graced numerous global film festivals. With subsequent acclaimed projects with PBS and her nomination for the Firelight Media Groundwork Lab 2019, Juliet continued to

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