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Julia Campanelli

Direct Contact
Shelter Film
Julia Campanelli
(917) 400-5923 phone
440 West 34th Street #16A
New York, NY 10001

Direct Contact

Julia Campanelli

Julia is an award-winning American filmmaker and the founder of Shelter Film, an New York-based independent film company dedicated to creating films by and about women and minorities. Shelter’s inaugural project, '116', a film Julia wrote, directed, and produced with a female-majority, intersectional crew, has screened in over 50 festivals internationally and won 26 awards.

“The Paisley Witch Trial”, in development, has won the following awards:

Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest 2019 - Finalist
Big Apple Women’s Film Festival 2019 – Best Screenplay
Big Apple Film Festival 2019 – Finalist – Best Screenplay
Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019 - Best Feature Script and Best Dialogue
Semi-finalist in the ScreenCraft Film Fund 2018.

Never one to accept gender or age limitations, at the age of 13, Julia competed in the Adult Women’s US East Coast Judo Championships and won the Bronze Medal. She then took on the Maryland Education System in high school and broke the gender barrier in sports in the US by becoming the first girl to play on a boys’ soccer team. That year her team won the league championship.

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