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Julia Camara

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Julia Camara

Julia Camara is a Brazilian writer/filmmaker. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she freelanced for years as a Portuguese translator for film and television subtitling. She has written and directed several award winning short films including “House Cleaning,” Best Comedy Short at the 2012 New York International Independent Film Festival, and “How to Get a Date,” Best Short Short at the 2015 Broad Humor Film Festival. She wrote the sci-fi feature “Area Q” (starring Isaiah Washington), the road movie “Open Road” (starring Andy Garcia, Juliette Lewis and Camilla Belle), and the award winning sci-fi found footage feature “Occupants” (starring Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo).“Occupants” won 23 awards at various film festivals including “Best Sci-fi Feature” at Shriekfest Film Festival and “Best Screenplay” at Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema and Best Female Screenwriter at Glendale International Film Festival. She is also writing the sequel to “Occupants.” Julia’s screenplay “Officeress,” a biopic about the first female police officer in the LAPD, was named a finalist in the 2016 LA Femme Film Festival. Her latest thriller screenplay “Stronghold” was named a finalist in the 2017 Shriekfest Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Unsolved Trailer B from julia camara on Vimeo.

Super Morning from julia camara on Vimeo.

In Transit Teaser Trailer from julia camara on Vimeo.

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