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Johanna Vanderspool

Talent Agent
Vital Artists Agency
April Yuan
(909) 702-8160 phone
1415 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles,, CA 90028

Johanna Vanderspool is an award winning Director, Producer and Writer, having executed many hours of documentary programming, commercials, short films and web series for a variety of broadcasting, cable, digital networks, social apps, agencies, and film festivals in Los Angeles and New York City. She’s a passionate filmmaker, concentrating on female and BIPOC ala minority/marginalized subjects; creating stories of comedy, action, drama…with heart. Her last film, FRESH BLOOD, won Best Directing awards at a few LA, NYC and Toronto film festivals.

Known as a “Renaissance Woman,” Johanna writes artist reviews and shoots photography for an online music magazine, plays violin/piano, paints portraits, attempts speaking French, jet sets globally, and occasionally performs. As a Latina born in Honduras, she was adopted and brought to the U.S., graduating with degrees from the University of Florida. Although she’s lived in Los Angeles for 13 years, she still considers herself a New Yorker having spent her 20’s there and returns frequently to keep the high-energy mojo in her veins.

Her goals are to make impactful and touching feature films; as well as direct edgy and/or comedic TV series. She values the most: beauty, wit, love, her gypsy family and of course, her two quirky dog-like kitties, Danny and Vincent.

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