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Jamielyn Lippman

Direct Contact
(323) 377-7359 phone
4433 Kraft Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91602

Jamielyn Lippman is the director/producer of “When the Bough Breaks” Executive Produced by Brooke Shields. Distributed in 2016 by Gravitas Ventures and acquired by Netflix.

She also directed and produced the documentary “3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story” The film was distributed by Gravitas and was released at Laemmle’s NoHo on September 28th, 2018. The film is on VOD nationwide and is recommended as “films to watch” on Paramount +

She wrote & directed the short films “Hollywood Trick” about the seedy underbelly of Hollywood and “The Blonde Bombshell” about the last 24 hours of Marilyn’s Monroe’s life and conspiracy of the Kennedys murdering her.

Jamielyn recently completed writing and directing “Revelation” the story of Jacob (30’s) a devout Mormon who must face his truth that he can no longer hide is homosexuality. Still reeling from the shock of his family casting his brother out. Jacob owns his truth and prepares to return home to come out to his family no matter the cost.

Lippman wrote “Hollywood Gamble” a feature about two girls trying to get a film made with stolen drug money. She is also adapting the novel "Mating in Captivity" about a 70's sex cult.

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