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Julie Herlocker

Bauman Management
John Bauman
(310) 210-4728 phone

Direct Contact
Shadow Art Entertainment LLC
Venice, CA

"Julie knows the world of episodic television and has extensive experience with VFX."

Julie Herlocker's career has provided her with many valuable insights into what it takes to tell a strong visual story. A former post producer, she worked closely with Exec. Producers to help take 300+ episodes through prep to final lock. Her responsibilities went well beyond the cutting room. Julie was part of the concept, production and tone meetings, directed ADR and shadowed on set. She began her directing career with the short film Peter’s Ashes following it up with an episode of NBC’s GRIMM. Julie's experience led her to be selected for the 2019-2020 class of the prestigious DGA’s Mentorship Program for episodic directors. She also wrote, produced and directed the short thrillers 7AM Wednesday and A Close Call. Julie recently expanded into development and has multiple projects on her slate with her production company, Shadow Art Entertainment.

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